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“What we have done just for ourselves dies with us. What we have done for others and for the world remains and is immortal. “

Harvey B. Mackay

Don’t wait for others to smile. Show them how it’s done. Smile first.
Let your guard down, show yourself for who you are, act with your heart when interacting with others.

Remember, even your best friend was once a stranger.

1 – Smile first.

2- Keep the door open to those who come after you.

3 -Send a thank you card to those who helped you.

4 – Give those who need it the clothes you no longer use.

5 – Treat others with respect.

6 – Appreciate people for who they are.

7 – Share your lunch with those who don’t have it.

8 – Stay close to those who are alone.

9 – Ask your neighbor for his opinion.

10 – Bring sweets and cookies for everyone to work.

11 – Give the waiter a good tip when he deserves it.

12 – Be part of something you believe in.

13 – Offer a seat to those who need it most.

14 – Say hello to the child in the car next to yours.

15 – Spread the good news.

16 – Do not miss an opportunity to speak well of others.

17 – When you meet someone’s gaze, smile.

18 – Listen to what others have to tell you.

19 – Encourage others to achieve their dreams.

20 – Strive to make life easier for others.

21 – Listen to the pain of others.

22 – Give without expecting anything in return.

23 – Observe others without judging.

24 – Give thanks.

25 – Forgive and let go of anger.

26 – Believe in yourself.

27 – Don’t always be so serious.

28 – Consider every minimal interaction with others as an extraordinary opportunity to positively affect the existence of others.

29 – Avoid greed, anger and arrogance.

30 – Don’t Hide The Truth.

31 – Be an example of how to make a difference.

32 – Give others the space they need.

33 – Offer your shoulder to those who need to cry.

34 – Encourage those who have done wrong.

35 – Recognize and reward those who have done a good job.

36 – Tell funny stories.

37 – You excel in everything you dedicate yourself to. People appreciate the professionalism.

38 – Make good use of gifts. Instead of receiving gifts on your birthday and holidays, ask those who love you to donate money to a good cause.

39 – Stop to help those in difficulty.

40 – Put your personal touch into everything you do. Personality is recognized and appreciated.

41 – Take the time to teach others something you know.

42 – Defend those who are unable to do it alone.

43 – Stay close to those in need.

44 – Stand up for your beliefs without arrogance.

45 – Make yourself available to others.

46 – Do more than you promised.

47 – Be positive and focus on what you think is right.

48 – Be a source of inspiration to the people around you.

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