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3 useful apps for writing a travel diary

Here are 3 useful apps for writing a travel journal

Holidays are getting closer and if you have already chosen the destination of your travels, you absolutely have to think about how to organize your travel diary. In fact, if you have the need, or the desire, to tell, to make an account of your days spent by the sea, or on the top of a mountain, or on an adventure in some city of art, it is necessary that we take you with you a travel diary, in which to write down everything and insert postcards and photos. As an alternative to the notebook that always has a great charm, there are applications that allow you to keep a travel diary, sharing your adventures with your loved ones. Here are the 4 ideal applications for keeping a travel diary.


This application allows you to write down your thoughts and feelings, take photos and insert them between the pages of your virtual diary. Or even, if you like drawing, you can also make sketches portraying the landscapes that have remained in your heart. According to the reviews, Universum is very pretty in its simplicity. It is listed on the 4.7-star play store.


Polarsteps allows you to communicate all your movements in real time to whoever you want. This Amsterdam app is very popular with travelers who love technology. Polarsteps allows you to share photos and videos by creating a real digital travel diary. Once downloaded you can create magnificent digital photo albums and at the end of the journey you can also choose to print and bind your diary.


To create a travel blog, Findpenguins comes to your aid, giving you the opportunity to create a small travel blog in an easy and immediate way. Even with this app, you can print your diary and have it delivered directly to your home. As original as useful is being able to see the itineraries of other travelers, to get inspiration. On it is rated with 4.6 stars.

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