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3 Ideas To Create The Cover For Blog Posts

I discovered that one of the things that most bloggers hate most about is choosing photographs for their articles.

As a blogger, it is an aspect that I treat with love and abundance even before writing the texts, but putting myself on the side of those who love the pen more than the camera, I can absolutely understand their aversion. I often advise relying on loved ones and good sites for free stock photos, the problem is that often the same four photos are always chosen with the result that all those articles begin to be part of the same indistinct cauldron, probably wasting hours of work and passion.
Today I would like to offer you an alternative, I would like to share with you three compositional ideas that you can replicate to create beautiful and attractive covers. It is not necessary to have a reflex or a disproportionate amount of objects, also because the cover can often be enriched by a textual graphic which is, therefore, necessary to leave the appropriate space.

What do you need:

A backdrop: cardboard (white/ black, the color you prefer) or wooden table or even marble, etc.
Props related to the desk: pc, notebooks, pens, colors, markers, notepads, etc.
Decorative props: food, flowers, cup, spoon, etc.
Camera or phone to take the picture

Shooting phase:

Position the elements concentrating them in a precise point of the frame. This will be useful for not arranging the objects at random, to prevent you from taking a photo that is not very harmonious and above all to leave adequate space for entering a text.

1. Horizontal photograph, composition on the upper side

Then choose a side on which to place the elements and try to shoot, change the objects, try different arrangements and continue shooting. As a first test, I wanted to make a composition on the upper side. I, therefore, chose to take a horizontally oriented photo and to compose the photo by placing the objects along the whole side.

2. Vertical photography, angular composition

I then changed orientation, choosing to shoot vertically and positioning the props in the lower right corner to form a small angle. As you can see, all the objects in the first photo are no longer present because I didn’t consider them suitable. A little tip: when you are not satisfied with a picture, remove something, almost always the problem is in the inserted objects.

3. Horizontal photograph, right side composition

Finally, I return to shoot horizontally but I position the elements along the right side. Even here I put new objects compared to the other two photos and above all I try, take off, reposition myself as I like until I have created a composition that convinces me.

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