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“Forget happiness for a moment, it is not possible to conquer it directly.

Think about what you like, what you enjoy most when you do it: do it and let yourself be absorbed; then happiness will arise spontaneously in you.

If you like to swim, swim and rejoice; if you like splitting wood, split it and rejoice.

Do whatever you enjoy doing and let yourself be absorbed.

While you are absorbed in doing that, you will suddenly feel that atmosphere, the warm and sunny atmosphere of happiness, happening in you.

Suddenly you will feel enveloped in happiness. “


1 – Reduce your attachment to the things you own.

Those who are strongly attached to their material possessions generally end up in great psychological trouble when they lose these things.

It is perhaps a cliché, but what you own inevitably ends up owning you.

Try to minimize your material needs and you will be even happier.

2 – Be curious about the world around you.

Become an explorer, observe the world as if it were your own jungle.

The world, the people, every little detail is a universe to discover.

Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, experience discomfort and get out of the boundaries that you have more or less unconsciously set for yourself.

Experience new environments, people and sensations.

The universe has so much to offer us, why not take advantage of it?

And there is no need to leave the other side of the world, the wonder of life is always around you.

3 – Keep fit!

Sometimes it is strange to think how each of us has a single body, a single extraordinary means to move in the beauty of life and at the same time many of us do not take care of it at all.

Laziness, smoking, alcohol, junk food inevitably end up compromising the wonderful functions of that exceptional miracle that is your body.

So try to take care of your body and your health, keep fit and everything will be easier for you.

4 – Learn to focus only on the present.

That the past can’t be changed is obvious, so why bother with your brain?

Use the past only to understand how not to repeat mistakes you have made, but otherwise let it go, it will never come back to life.

The future, on the other hand, is nothing more than the result of what you do today, in the present, in this precise moment.

Live in today, here and now. The present moment is the only one that matters, don’t let it slip away.

5 – Smile more often.

From a physical point of view, every time you smile your brain releases serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

Smiling is somehow the natural way to “get” you to be happy.

Happiness leads us to smile, but the opposite is also true, smiling brings us closer to happiness.

Through your smile you can brighten the life of those close to you.

6 – Help others.

Helping others has a tremendously positive effect on both you and others.

As you help others grow as a person, your ability to give yourself changes you radically.

Your relationships with that person will become much stronger and that same person will be pushed to do good to someone else.

We are not alone in this world and helping each other is the wisest we can do.

7 – Travel.

Anyone who has had the luck and the opportunity to visit the world will tell you that traveling is one of the most exciting and exciting activities you can experience.

Observing different cultures and places allows us to wander our minds towards new and distant horizons, pushing us to appreciate the diversity and the different facets of our reality.

Raise the sails and go!

8 – Learn to forgive.

What are hatred and rancor for?

Forgiveness is the best weapon at our disposal to feel good about ourselves and with those close to us.

We all make mistakes, and holding a grudge for the mistakes of others doesn’t help anyone.

Being resentful and angry towards someone contributes to our malaise, while forgiveness is a wonderful tool that can give us relief and well-being, leaving behind the grudges of the past.

9 – Meditate every day.

In today’s reality in which each of us is constantly connected to the rest of the world through the internet, TV and mobile phones, there are fewer and fewer who know how to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of silence.

The ability to quiet the mind and relax the body is an art that each of us can develop and appreciate its benefits.

Just sit back and focus on your breath, without thinking about anything.

At first you may find meditation boring or difficult to put into practice, but over time you will learn to love it and appreciate its wonderful feeling of well-being and clarity.

10 – Relax!

Slowing down means taking your time to appreciate what you are doing in the moment, whatever it is.

It means focusing and dedicating yourself completely to the person you are talking to, it means freeing yourself from the obsession of the telephone and emails, it means living in simplicity and enjoying the little pleasures that already fill your life today, but which you often don’t even notice, like a sunset, a smile or a flower.

Slowing down is a conscious choice, a choice that requires courage, but also a choice that can enrich your life, make it more genuine and lead you towards the most authentic happiness.

11 – Do what you love.

Make a list of the 4-5 activities you most love to do in life, the ones that make you happy and make you feel good.

Cooking, reading, playing sports, spending time with the family … these are just examples, each of us has activities that we really love to do.

Make these activities the foundation of your day, every day.

And eliminate as much of the rest as you can.

Reduce life to the essential, to what you really like.

This will help you reduce the stress and chaos.

12 – Look after your friendships.

Focus your energy on those people who really make you feel good.

Try to make friends with people who deserve your time and attention for the simple fact that they make you feel good.

Don’t be attracted to appearances and don’t be fooled by opportunists.

A person’s behavior is much more important than words.

Surround yourself with friends who reflect who you want to be.

Choose friends who fill you with pride, people you admire, love you and respect you for who you are.

People who make your day a little brighter, simply by being there.

13 – Keep a diary.

At first it may seem a bit repetitive and monotonous activity, but when you manage to turn it into a habit, it will become an amazing way to organize your thoughts and emotions and, at the same time, keep track of your growth path over the course of the time.

The diary allows you to be authentic with yourself and to express emotions and feelings in a full and free way.

14 – Learn to trust your intuitions and instincts.

When you spend time in silence during your day, try to listen not to your thoughts, but to the emotions and feelings that emerge from your deepest self.

Do not confuse your reasoning and ruminations with the insights of your subconscious.

This will allow you to draw on your most intimate and precious resources, in deep connection with your most unconscious wisdom.

15 – Love is everything.

If you really want to live your life to the fullest of your potential, let love inspire you in every action you take.

Give your love to friends, relatives, and strangers, even those who don’t love you.

This is the most difficult part to put into practice, but if you succeed you will be able to rise above hatred, envy, and any other negative emotion.

Make the heart your weapon and love unconditionally.

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