Another year is coming to an end. And, I like this feeling. The new year for me, as perhaps for many, is like a book with 365 empty pages. And, as we know, the prologue is very important in any book. So-called “introduction page”, before starting to fill the book with new thoughts, experiences, ideas, travels. The preface is very important. But need to write it, you have to CREATE IT!

To ensure that my prologue becomes as bright, clean and sensible as the book itself, I have “drafted” some rules, things to do before the end of the year, to celebrate worthily the arrival of the New year! It is with great pleasure that I want to share these rules with you.

1. Throw away old things, and all other junk

And I’m not just talking about clothes. I’m talking about an old microwave oven, which hasn’t worked for a long time. Of an iron. Of old Christmas decorations, which every year pass from one box to another. We must say “yes” to general cleaning. But don’t just throw it all away or give it to someone, you have to clean it, dust it everywhere, wash it all and get rid of useless things. All that old, broken and unusable stuff you’ve always thought to repair or redo: all in the garbage bin. What you had decided long ago to patch up and wear, but you didn’t: in the dumpster. No excuses. New year, clean year. Furthermore, not only must the house be cleaned, but also the contents of the phone, eliminate unnecessary photos and notes, clean up e-mail, the desk, social networks. Purify thoughts from stupid ideas, from unrealizable projects, from grudges, hatred and sadness. Purify yourself from everything that destroys clear and positive thoughts.

If you get rid of the junk, the New year will not bring unnecessary things, it will not let superficial people enter your life and it will not disturb useless worries.

2. Complete the important things, postponed several times during the year. At least one!

See the to-do list. Does it seem endless? It will always be this way, there will always be lots of things to do. So, choose three points: the most “old” and the most important, to be solved first of all! In order to open a new door, the old door must be closed. It’s the only way to know where to go to grow. To pass the exams, go to finally find the grandmother, finish the renovation of the house, finish reading a book, and so on. Anything, but the one that you failed to do, putting it off for the whole year. Now is the time!

3. Ask for forgiveness and forgive

It is important to enter the new year leaving behind the offenses and the old grudges. It is so nice to start a new year with a smile on your face and with love in your heart for everyone. Yes, someone has hurt you, someone, perhaps, has not understood you, but even you, sometimes you have told someone a little too much. What to do? Forget, ask for forgiveness and move on. They say that to ask for forgiveness, it is never too late. Now is the right time. Believe me, first of all, you will feel better YOU! You can also write it. It’s that simple.

4. Recover relationships with an old friend

It is a long time since you feel it or you do not see it because of the frenetic pace and daily commitments. There is nothing better than a Christmas card to reconnect. Have you had a fight or was there a little misunderstanding between you? Do not finish this year without having sent a gift, this surprise could make you reconcile.

5. Thank the people who made the year happy

How important it is to thank the people who have made this year a special year. Those people we shared everything with! For me, this word has become the most magical. The word “thank you”. And I tell everyone I know, to say this word more often. Believe me, life will begin to smile at you.

6. Analyze the year that is ending

For me, it is very important to make a summary of the year that is about to end. Therefore, you also find 10-15 minutes to fill in the empty fields.

  • Book (s) of the year
  • Place of the year
  • The favorite fragrance of the year
  • Dish of the year
  • Purchase of the year
  • Film of the year
  • Gift of the year
  • Hobbies of the year
  • The idea of ​​the year
  • The madness of the year
  • The month of the year
  • Day of the year
  • Discovery of the year
  • Travel of the year
  • The bankruptcy of the year
  • erase of the year
  • The inspiration of the year
  • Meeting of the year
  • Personal successes
  • Career successes
  • Turn of the year
  • Dream of the year
  • Knowledge of the year
  • Person of the year
  • Event of the year

Here then add everything you want. The dance, … and so on, everything that you think is significant and important. In this way, you will be able to remember everything that happened in the year that is about to end, and this will help you understand how to “move” in the new year. Also, mark the blanks, so you can fill them out next year. I, for example, realized that this year I never went to see either a ballet or an opera. Instead, it is important for cultural development. For me it’s important! And I didn’t enroll in dance. But I have taken some significant steps in this direction. So the goals for the near future are defined!

7. Create the wish list for next year

I took a simple glass jar, I decorated it, and I put all the leaflets with the desires that came to my mind before January 1, 2016. And I believe with all my heart that from January 1 my wishes have begun to come true. Throughout the year I have not touched this bar, and in a few days I have to check, what has come true, and what has not. I look forward to New Year’s Eve to open the old wish jar and fill the new.

8. Write 365 wishes

Simply write 365 wishes, tips, or even needs. Collect all these leaflets in a jar, take one out every day and make it! Or simply smile and rejoice, if on a piece of paper you have simply wished yourself a good day.

9. Greet the neighbors of a happy New Year

To ensure that the fairytale atmosphere enters your home, you need to create it everywhere. Inside of himself and around him. Write greetings on postcards and put them in the mailboxes of your neighbors. Do you really have nothing to say to those with whom you stand side by side? If you don’t know your neighbors, this is a good time to get to know each other. And if you have quarreled, it is the right occasion to make peace and to re-establish the relationship.

10. Download some podcasts to listen to

11. Check your financial situation

Before your wallet suffers heavily, make a list of the expenses that you will have at the beginning of the year, then face the last purchases and act accordingly: you can make beautiful gifts even with just a few euros.

12. Write a letter to yourself in the future

P.S. This list of rules will become yours, if you add your rules here, which are important only for you: prepare ginger biscuits, make Christmas decorations with your own hands, and so on.

And remember that the most important thing is growth, being better than yesterday, and doing what you believe. A few years ago I had formulated for myself these two beautiful principles, which always inspire me!

I, therefore, hope you will always have inspiration! AND GOOD NEW YEAR!

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