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12 beautiful words in English

English is a language with unusual origins, with a fascinating history and an incomparable vocabulary in terms of breadth and variety. While it’s not a simple task to find the most beautiful words out of an estimated total of 750,000 (yes, there are ALL those words in English!), We never stand back from the challenges.
We asked our students who are attending an English course abroad or a study holiday to choose their favorite English words, from the most beautiful to the most original. To choose their favorite English words, from the most beautiful to the most original.

Meaning: a large, furry sociable bumblebee, which flies with a loud hum.
Beautiful because it is a cute name for a cute insect. It is onomatopoeic, that is, its sound recalls what it describes: a plump and hairy bee that lingers and flies awkwardly from flower to flower.


Meaning: the abode of God or, informally, the experience of absolute happiness. (Paradise)
Beautiful because it has a heavenly sound. Sigh slightly as you say it aloud and the soft and gentle reverberations transport you directly to an authentic corner of paradise.


Meaning: despite the fact that; however; but
Beautiful because it expresses a certain kind of conflict with great composure. Try to lengthen the word as you say it, to increase its power, or simply use it as a filler while developing your answer to a statement that you would like to question.


Meaning: a feeling of amazement, caused by something beautiful or, as a verb, a feeling of curiosity
Beautiful because the sound perfectly expresses the meaning. It is simple to pronounce, it ends lightly and openly (there are no hard sounds), it leaves space to make the mind space (or amaze!).


Meaning: bewilderment or confusion (someone)
Beautiful because it is evident that the gods of the vocabulary have extracted letters from a hat to create this word. It’s so random, and it’s beautiful. You can also create wonderful anagrams: mix the letters together and you will get the names of some musical groups, such as “Abducted Mob Silo” and “Basic Doubt Model”; stars waiting to be discovered, don’t you too?


Meaning: navel
Beautiful because it is a nice name, cute and slightly bizarre for something that is essentially a scar. A (very creative) child must have invented it.


Meaning: covered in fur, some synonyms are furry, shaggy, downy
Beautiful because they give lightness to the word, perfectly representing the adjective. In addition, it is used to describe the most adorable things in life: dogs, kittens, clouds and pillows.


Meaning: made of silk or similar to silk; soft, subtle, shiny
Beautiful because it has to do with comfort. The “S” at the beginning of the word perfectly conveys the glossy and smooth consistency of the silk.


Meaning: remarkable, exceptional, extremely good
Beautiful because Phe-nom-e-nal. Beautiful, isn’t it? The four syllables simply roll over the tongue so elegantly and rhythmically that you will never use the synonyms “remarkable” or “exceptional” again.


Meaning: mythological animal similar to the horse with a straight horn that starts from the forehead
Beautiful because it is pure magic. One of the favorite words of childhood.


Meaning: a light slipper, usually flip flops
Beautiful because it is light and informal like footwear. It is also perfectly onomatopoeic: flip flops make a flip-flop sound while walking along the beach wearing a pair.


Meaning: lullaby
Beautiful because just pronouncing it is relaxing and induces sleep, not only in children … Zzzz.

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