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Don’t let low temperatures diminish your energy, winter offers us many opportunities to have fun with children, both inside and outside the home! You will need to cover up and the desire to have fun. Make the most of this season and treasure the best memories.
Do you have any idea how many things can be done with children in winter? It’s a season that offers fantastic possibilities, find out!

Outdoor activities to do with the family

Go to the snow

A winter classic! To ski, snow or just play in the snow and sled down a gentle slope. Obviously well covered, with adequate shoes and waterproof clothing. When it is not normal for snow in our city, we can always plan a hike to the nearest mountain and spend a day there. Don’t forget to bring a shovel, a thermos with a hot drink and a change of clothes for the return.

Making a snowman

With his carrot nose, chestnut eyes, a hat and a scarf … you can also put buttons on his chest as if he were wearing a dress, and branches to replace his arms. It is really exciting!

Playing in the rain

We agree that on the dullest and windiest days you do not have much desire to go out, but after the storm comes quiet, and when the rain is light, go out on the street with a good pair of galoshes and a raincoat is among the funniest things. Running in the rain and splashing around in puddles without any worries is a fun experience for kids, why not join?

Go for a walk while eating something hot

Typical of winter are the banquets of chestnuts, or corn cobs. There is nothing more comforting than walking around the city in cold weather, well covered and with something warm to eat, it is a valid alternative for families, for couples and which can also be enjoyed alone.

Ice skating

If you are lucky, on a frozen lake of a winter landscape. Otherwise even an indoor skating rink or one of the artificial ones that temporarily put in the center of the city: you will have fun for a while, it’s magic!
Rent a snow bike

And experience what it feels like to cross the freshly fallen snow on a snow bike through the most beautiful slopes! This is not done every day …

Go to the zoo, theme park or amusement park without queuing.

Receiving fewer visitors due to low temperatures, the parks offer discounts and special activities in the winter. Seeing Siberian tigers and pandas enjoying the snow more active than ever makes the walk worth it.

Indoor activities to do with children

Go to the bakery early

To have breakfast with hot chocolate and sweet pastries. And if you don’t like pasta, what do you think of a homemade donut for a change? Delicatessen walking carts are one of the season’s sweeter classics, and drinking a cup of chocolate with the family is one of the most intimate home activities.

Camp in the living room

Set up a circus tent, make a fort under the big table with some sheets, or, if you have space, set up your country tent or teepee. Let the children play camp and sleep there at night, with their blankets and pillows, their lanterns and their games. The imagination is very powerful, and they will remember this activity for a lifetime.

Afternoons at the cinema and stories, in summer you want to go out and stay outside, but in winter it’s a whole other story. The themed afternoons of cinema and stories are great fun in the family: you can watch a saga of films and dress up in old clothes or paint your face. Even a marathon of documentaries or your favorite series will suit any winter day when bad weather is the perfect excuse to rest in the warmth at home.

Did you like this article? Let’s hope so! Maybe something else occurs to you that can only be done in winter, can you tell us?

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