10 Things To Do In The Autumn: My Wishlist

Only you can know how long I’ve been waiting for this fall.

Beautiful summer eh, wonderful the sun, the sea, the sunsets and the bare feet on the sand but do you want to put a cup of hot tea, a glass of matcha nibbling chestnuts, with a fireplace next to it?

Here we are, the weather is slowly getting ready for the most romantic season of the year and I adapt one step at a time, walking on crunchy leaves and letting myself be warmed by soft woolen cardigans …

Today I want to share with you my little list of things I can’t wait to do, to welcome this wonderful season.

Hunting for pumpkins

To decorate them, photograph them or eat them in hot soups …

Hunting for leaves

To decorate my tables in cold afternoons to invite friends over for tea.

Afternoon herbal teas reading a book

Prepare a pumpkin pie

Make a floral crown

Do the last outdoor breakfasts wrapped in warm sweaters ...

Organize a weekend in a place where you can experience all the magic of autumn.

Learn how to make rustic bread with Pumpkin and Curry

This is more difficult but it is valid for the whole year:
learn to ignore bad things.

  • keep in mind that we are only the projection of their frustrations
  • cut dry branches, they hurt mood.
    -confirm that if they have so much to talk about fundamentally it is because they fear us.
  • I wish I could because it would be a problem if they didn’t talk about us
  • Finally, reply with a smile and think about important things, the rest has only the weight of a feather on a mistral day!

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