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10 slang you need to know in 2021

The slang of last year? Forget them, they are gone. Tragic. I have made a humble commitment to keep you up to date with the particularities of slang, and with the growing popularity of TikTok, there is a new generation of words to keep up with.

They may not have all been minted this year, but it seems they will go a long way, so buckle up and get ready for the 10 English slangs you need to know in 2021.

Big yikes

An extension of the word “yikes” that you can use when you see something that makes you flinch from a slight horror or embarrassment. In scenarios where a simple “yikes” is not up to par, you can replace it with the more severe “big yikes”.

That ain’t it

Did you see something that made you wince? Maybe someone who has done something disgusting or arranged a joke on a friend that is too exaggerated? Then simply “that ain’t it”. An effective alternative when you say “big yikes” too many times.

Go off

This expression can be used in two ways. One is to sing someone’s praise (“Yas, go off queen!”). Lately, however, it is used more to complain about something in anger. You can also “go off someone” which refers to when you lose your temper (thus escalation to an angry complaint).


A highly contested expression, this term is used to refer to someone who does “too much” for someone they are fond of or have a weakness for. Anyone who is excessively sweet towards another person to win their affection is called “simp”. People often disagree on the use of this word, since – as everyone knows – it is nice to be kind, and calling someone like that just for this is not necessary. However, it seems that it is mainly used in extreme cases if someone excessively flatters another person.


This expression is cute and simple, but it pops up often on social media. If two people follow each other, they are “mutuals” – be it on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or whatever social media you choose. They were “brought closer” through their common interest in each other.

Sleeping on

When you don’t pay enough attention to something or someone, it is said that “you’re sleeping on them” (you’re sleeping on them). This expression can be used for anything from a talented celebrity to a particular chocolate brand. For example “Dude, everyone is sleeping on Sriracha cookie dough, that stuff’s the best.”

CEO of

Essentially something you are very good at, which therefore makes you a CEO on the subject. This goes a long way on TikTok and is commonly used to comment on what someone has done in a video. If a person has filled a shoe with baked beans (weird things down there) it could be “CEO putting cooked beans in shoes”.

Hits different

If something (be it an emotion, a song, a type of food, etc.) hits you more or in a new way, “it hits different”. For example, if you listen to the same song before and after your heart is broken, it might “hit different” the second time around. From a less sentimental point of view, you can go to a new pizzeria (yes, another pizza example) and the pizza may have a different taste.

We move

A sentence for when you just keep moving forward, regardless of the circumstances. Did you miss your flight? It doesn’t matter, “we move”. It can also be used as an alternative to “yes” when they ask you out. For example: “Do you want to have a coffee?” “We move”. Because who doesn’t like slang even longer than the original word?


This refers to when you throw something away on the fly. If someone throws the bottle of water into their bag on the other side of the room, they “yeeted” it. This action is usually accompanied by the expression “YEET!” while throwing it. It is as fascinating as it sounds.

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