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10 reasons why it is important to read

Reading is a very important activity that everyone should do. In fact, books help to improve one’s vocabulary as well as improving one’s intellectual abilities. But not only. There are so many reasons why you need to read. But let’s find out in detail why it is important to read.

  1. To become a writer one must first make books;
  2. “Reading is food for the mind and everything that it has to do with food must necessarily be good”;
    And yet, very painful news for me, the data tell us that in 2014 the number of readers fell from 43 to 41.4%. So, let me add to your at least eight other excellent reasons why reading is always an excellent idea:
  3. Reading transforms our reality. If you are on the metro in the early morning, you are going to work where you have a gray day with a quotient of emotions 0, outside there are -3 °, it rains and you breathe the smell of the sea, mint, rosemary and salt, there are no saints. These spells can only make her a book. There is no trip that takes … just a few pages to transport you far: Machu Picchu, a tropical island, a desert or right in the middle of a complicated yellow to lose your head … the choice is yours alone;
  4. A book helps you keep your feet on the ground. It may seem a contradiction in terms, but it is not. Those who are depressed usually do not read, have a tendency to shut themselves up and lose contact with reality. You want to put in the stories of others (even in those invented) … it’s a simple exercise that frees the mind and makes us feel lighter;
  5. It prevents you from banging your head against the wall from stress. A study by David Lewis neuropsychologist of the University of Sussex proves that it takes 6 minutes of reading to lower stress by 68%! ;
  6. It is the secret of successful people. If you go through their biographies, in the vast majority of cases you find that they are irreducible readers (for the series Steve Jobs docet!);
  7. It is the best method to not get flustered in front of the TV. Because, let’s face it, between a good book and reality show, soap opera, talent show and film seen and reviewed, the choice does not arise! ;
  8. Avoid bad figures. Enriches the vocabulary, tricks the synapses and teaches the correct use of verbs. Because if “I would not have read” piles of books today, perhaps I would express myself as above … (shiver down my spine !!!);
  9. Clear the flatness. And it allows us to experience the feelings and sensations of the characters in the book we are reading by reviving old and new thrills;
  10. It is a treat for the mind. Whether we sink into an armchair while it is raining outside, or under an umbrella on a sunny beach, when we read we take time for ourselves … it’s just our time … we choose to give ourselves more life … emotions.

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