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❀The strength of presence❀

What do I have to do to feel that I am living my life to the full and not feel overwhelmed by it?

The answer may seem too simple or trivial but it really is this:

be present in the moment, be in the here and now.

What does it mean? How you do it?

Being in the presence means living every moment to the full without letting ourselves be dragged into the heaviness of the past and without venturing into the expectations of the future with the mind. Real time is present time. Live everything fully letting what you perceive and what arrives, savor everything through the senses, feel and welcome the emotions without letting yourself be wandered by the mind that takes you away from there.

This is the only way to feel fully in your life. Be centered and aware of what you are experiencing and do it consciously. Then everything takes on a newer perspective made up of rediscovery and created and lived goals.

Experiencing all this amplifies the senses and reconnects you with your source, with your root.

It is a process that comes in stages. Because for a long time you have been led to be outside yourself with your mind, with thoughts, with emotions. Everything was projected outward-looking for those points of reference that seemed to be lost.

The big change is finding that point of reference on oneself and not on others. Here the presence begins to enter you and you perceive a very different reality made of more balance and strength.

Your senses are well present and responsive and life begins to flow and you to flow into it.

You find what belongs to you and you finally feel.

The force of presence is what completely changes your life. This is the new energy that brings you to the big change. The new time is Presence.

As long as you are led to seek everything outside yourself, the time of happiness, joy and grace will be closed to you. This is because you will be held back by your fears, by the pain of the past that always and always returns …

You look for everything outside of yourself: approval, love, support, security … but this means that you are still firm on your wounds.

Have you noticed that some things from your past are returning? Memories come back, people or situations that you thought by now far away and resolved … or those that you haven’t closed yet; this is because it is time to enter the new energy, the energy of the NOW. In the energy of the Presence. But to do that, you need to be willing to let go and forgive everything. Forgive people, situations, your past, forgive yourself.

To forgive…. make a gift to you….

The great gift is to FINALLY ENTER IN THE PRESENT.

“In the new time, everything becomes light because there is no longer a past for which to suffer … there is a present with which to create.”


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